British Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert


HMY Victoria and Albert III was a royal yacht of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. She was launched in 1899 but was not ready for service until 1901. Queen Victoria had lobbied Parliament for many years for a more modern yacht - HMY Victoria and Albert II dated from 1855, and won this expenditure after pointing out that both the Russian Tsar and the German Kaiser had larger and more modern yachts than Great Britain. Victoria died seven months before the ship was completed. Built at Pembroke Dock and launched in 1899, the vessel measured 380 feet in length by 40 feet in the beam with a tonnage of 4,700. Victoria and Albert III served four sovereigns, and took part in two fleet reviews (in 1935 and the Coronation Review of the Fleet, 1937), but was withdrawn after the latter and decommissioned in 1939.

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