German Imperial Yacht Hohenzollern


Hohenzollern II was built by AG Vulcan Stettin. She was 120 metres (390 ft) long, had a beam of 14 metres (46 ft) and drew 5.6 metres (18 ft), with 9,588 hp. She was used as the Imperial Yacht from 1893 to July 1914. From 1894 to 1914, with the exception of 1906, Emperor Wilhelm II used her on his annual prolonged Nordlandfahrt trips to Norway. In total he spent over four years on board. In June 1914 Hohenzollern II attended the Kiel regatta and on 25 June the last state banquet was held on board to entertain officers of the British fleet whose ships had been invited to attend. On 28 June Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated at Sarajevo and the chain of events leading to WW I began. At the end of July 1914 Hohenzollern II was put out of service in Kiel.

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