The Fleet


Kearsarge BB-5

Kentucky BB-6

Illinois BB-7

Alabama BB-8

Wisconsin BB-9

Main BB-10

Ohio BB-12

Missouri BB-11

Virginia BB-13

Nebraska BB-14

Georgia BB-15

New Jersey BB-16

Rhode Island BB-17

Connecticut BB-18

Louisiana BB-19

Vermont BB-20

Kansas BB-21

Minnesota BB-22

Armored Cruisers

These ships were on portions of the cruise.

California ACR-6

Colorado ACR-7

Maryland ACR-8

Pennsylvania ACR-4

South Dakota ACR-9

Tennessee ACR-10

Washington ACR-11

West Virginia ACR-5

Torpedo Destroyers

The destroyers of the Torpedo Flotilla provided a screening force for the fleet during the first leg of the cruise, Norfolk to San Francisco, via South America and Cape Horn.  They also carried out limited independent visits to ports too small to accommodate the battleships.  Although they were the largest U.S. destroyers available, they were incapable of long open-ocean transits and did not accompany the fleet across the Pacific.

Whipple D-15

Truxton D-14

Stewart D-13

Lawrence D-8

Hull D-7

Hopkins D-6

Auxiliary Ships and Tenders

Tender Arethusa (Torpedo flotilla tender)

Culgoa (Store ship)

Yankton (Tender)

Panther (Repair ship)

Glacier (Store ship)

Relief (Hospital ship)

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